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Tons of new designs (and old ones too!) lots of splashes of color and even a few subdued ones ...(I made those for my sister - poor thing)

Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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Need a special piece of jewelry, see one you like here but wish it were shorter/longer? Email me and let's see if we can work something out!


Misc is an obscure category. You'll find weird stuff in here - ok, I KNOW that's not a lot different from the rest of the website, but stick with me here. We've got your keychains, barefoot sandals, anklets and pendants. Take a look through, there's sure to be something you'll say "ooo.....look at that misc! I've got to have one!"

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A sweet purple anklet, with a sweet little flip flop dangling on the side. Strung on elastic. The purples match MUCH better than my awesome scan shows!
Purple Flip Flop Anklet $8.00

Pretty glass pendant showing 3 sailboats in bright colors against a blue sky. Stick a sandy beach in the picture and color me there! Just under 1" square.
Regatta Glass Pendant $5.00

Regatta Glass Pendant w/Chain$8.00

My ex-husband would call this hippy. Of course anything that wasn't dressed in Wranglers with a pearl snap shirt was hippy. But brushing all that behind us =) this anklet is made of wood beads with a few silver dangling charms. Extender chain included.

Wood Charm Anklet$8.00

Pretty glass pendant with a sailboat scene. Perfect for anyone who does some sailing, or just wishes they did. About an inch square. Not waterproof!

Sailboat Glass Pendant $10.00

Sailboat Glass Pendant w/Chain$13.00

Once, when I was a kid, I saw a flying saucer. Ok, technically not the saucer itself, but a big bright light overhead that I was pretty sure came from the saucer itself. Pretty sure. Anyways, this cellphone charm just brings back those memories. Not that the saucer was blue mind you. It was just bright. Honest.

Blue Saucers Phone Charm $8.00

Even to my simple little eye, this looks pretty simple. But it's pretty darn pretty! Coral beads, with little silver spacers decorate this anklet, and the prettiest part is the little rhinestone dangly that will have his attention on your legs. Just where you want him to look. ; )

Coral Rhinestone Anklet $8.00

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