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Tons of new designs (and old ones too!) lots of splashes of color and even a few subdued ones ...(I made those for my sister - poor thing)

Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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My sister is an earring fiend. I don't wear them so much, so you won't find as many here, and usually whatever I DO make, she runs off with. So what you see here are the earring escapees!

Click on photos to see a much more up close and personal view.


Itsy bitsy teeny weeny (yeah, ok...go head and finish the song...yellow polka dot bikini) pearls on a Euro 4-1 weave. Bright aluminum rings...leverback earrings. About 2" long


Genuine freshwater pearls, with a ruby swarovksi crystal (those swarovski's really knew how to make crystals!) and a splash of sterling. Casual, but oh so chic!

Ruby Pearl Earrings $10.00

Brass, copper and dangly. What more needs to be said. Ok, well they're also about 2" long. There, that's it. And pretty. Not going to ramble on about these pretty, brass dangly earrings. Nope. Nosiree. Except to say they match a necklace over in the necklace department. =)

Brass Copper Dangly Earrings $10.00

The longer the earrings, the sexier they are. So these babies are top-o-the-line sex appeal! Smokey quartz briolettes on sparkly silver chain. 3" long.

Smokey Chain Earrings $11.00

These are called ear threads. They're sterling silver, and the chain part is so thin you can pull it right through your ear piercing. Move them up, move 'em down. Move one up, the other down! Talk about versatile! Done here in blue and green swarovski and a sweet little pearl.

Beachy Ear Threads $12.00

One of the girls I work with always says "Sweet". No matter what. Hey, I'll say - your customers just dropped all their silverware on the floor. "Sweet" she says. Nice gal, little off center. These earrings are, however, sweet. Little frosted glass butterflies with a tinge of blue and a blue glass cube bead. Sweet.

Blue Butterfly Earrings $7.00

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