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Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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Chainmaille, or chain mail, or chain maille (good grief) is one of my latest addictions along with Dove chocolate covered caramels. Chainmaille is the art of holding 2 little pliers, lots of teeny weeny rings and cursing like a sailor on the Black Pearl. Oh yeah, it's a match made in heaven.

Click on photos to see a much more up close and personal view.


This bracelet is a blast and gets a ton of remarks whenever I wear it. Good remarks even! I call it the Super Shaggy. Sterling and sterling plated rings, but some are twisted wire and send out extra sparkly sparkles whenever you shake your wrist. Once you're wearing this baby, you'll be shaking more than Carmen Electra.  2-4 weeks, custom order only.

Sterling/Sterling Plate Super Shaggy $40.00

If you buy this bracelet, you must promise to be careful. Carrying a small pitchfork or wielding a tiny club isn't going too far. Once you put this work of art on, people will continuously leap at you from dark corners, behind counters and even across Wal Mart aisles. Everyone grabs at your wrist and says "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT I WANT ONE!" It's quite gratifying actually. Called the Vertebrae, it's done in solid sterling silver, weighs a ton and sparkles unrepentantly. Custom order only - requires 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Sterling Vertebrae $70.00


Byzantine weave is a long name for this pip of a bracelet. Done in 20g sterling, it's sooooo delicate, and yet super strong. Just like those deodorant commercials. Made with my own two little hands, and two pliers, this beauty is a custom order only. Please allow 2-4 weeks.

Sterling Byzantine $55.00


Look on the next page and take a look at the behemoth Jens Pind on that page. Then come look at this little pretty. Done in 20g sterling silver, it wears on your wrist like a dream. Delicate, thin and made of sterling, this is a custom order only. Please allow 2-4 weeks. Yes, it might come faster if you bribe me. =)

Sterling 20g Jens Pind $70.00

Euro 4-1 weave with copper. Nice bright copper that will verdigris to a darker brown, with a gorgeous S clasp. Custom order only! Please allow an extra 2-4 weeks before shipping.

Copper 4-1 Weave $35.00

Scanning copper is just NOT my thing! On the other hand driving to my house to see this bracelet is probably not YOUR thing. Trust me when I say it's gorgeous eh? Rosettes weave looks just awesome on anyone! Custom order only! Please allow an extra 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Copper Rosettes $25.00

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