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Tons of new designs (and old ones too!) lots of splashes of color and even a few subdued ones ...(I made those for my sister - poor thing)

Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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Need a special piece of jewelry, see one you like here but wish it were shorter/longer? Email me and let's see if we can work something out!


I just can't get enough of bracelets. Somedays, I wish I had an extra arm so I could wear some more! And then I remember that I wouldn't be able to find any shirts to accomodate that extra arm, so no one would see the bracelet anyways. Sigh.

Enjoy the bracelets, try not to grow that other arm.

Click on photos to see a much more up close and personal view.


One of the weirdest bangles ever, I admit to it free and clear. A rectangular piece of picture jasper that just speaks for itself. Listen closely, you might hear it talking. Although if you do, it's seriously time to reconsider your mental health ok? I'm just thinking of you, dahling.
Picture Jasper Bangle $13.00

Awesome shades of green and yellow set of this triangular bangle. Triangular gets you a lot of points in scrabble. =) Shown here with dark green swarovskis on a silver bangle, this one is a head turner. Almost as much as if you come up with the word "rectangulicious". It's a real word. I swear.

Green Yellow Agate Bangle $15.00

OOOh what a pretty color! that's what everyone is going to say when they see this on your wrist. You'll have to fight them off with a stapler to keep everyone from trying it on - not that I know that by personal experience. Nope. Nosiree. But it is a pretty aqua colored lampwork bead, accented with swarovskis.

Aqua Bangle $15.00

I hope you have your reading glasses on. Actually, maybe you should just come down to the restaurant or my nearest jewelry show and take a peek at this one. A silver bangle, with brown swarovskis and a Dream Agate cylinder bead. It's mostly black, with a splotch of brown and red just showing up. Just enough to make someone grab your hand and say "hey, let me see that" and hopefully, he's tall dark and handsome!

Dream Agate Silver Bangle $15.00

Carnelian is such a sunshiney-stone. Look at those stripes! Adn the carnelian rondelles at the sides are super cool. Toss it all together and you've got a great bangle! Magnetic closure.

Carnelian Bangle $13.00

One of the weirdest bangles I've made to date, and yet one of the coolest. A chunky piece of blue beach glass, virtually rectangular in shape, set off magnificently (my mom bet me I couldn't use that word today) by big aqua Swarovski crystals.
Beach Glass Bangle $13.00

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