Welcome to DoBeadDoBeadDo Designs. Badda Bing!

Tons of new designs (and old ones too!) lots of splashes of color and even a few subdued ones ...(I made those for my sister - poor thing)

Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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Need a special piece of jewelry, see one you like here but wish it were shorter/longer? Email me and let's see if we can work something out!



Click here for awareness jewelry.


Awareness Jewelry



Awareness bracelet with the 15 colors - in glass, lucite, plastic, hematite. $8

General colors awareness bracelet in 15 colors - with pearl, glass, stone, lucite, plastic $8

awareness bangle..the pinks really match much better than my poor old scanner can show...lampwork beads, swarovski crystals $20

apologising again for the scanner..blah! the lampwork beads are a raspberry and pink, crystal beads between are a lighter pink..they match the toggle clasp and ribbon $25

silver bangle with a white foil lined bead in the middle (sparkly) and a ribbon on top of that...$14

two tone pink glass with magnet and ribbon $6

vintage pearls (not real i'm sure!) with one sparkly pink glass bead by the ribbon $8