Welcome to DoBeadDoBeadDo Designs. Badda Bing!

Tons of new designs (and old ones too!) lots of splashes of color and even a few subdued ones ...(I made those for my sister - poor thing)

Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

Ok, the shopping cart is up and running! Let's buy! =)

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Need a special piece of jewelry, see one you like here but wish it were shorter/longer? Email me and let's see if we can work something out!

Who on earth am I?

Ok, so it's time to talk about what's really important. Me. Who am I, how do I make this wondrous jewelry, and can I make a mai tai?

Let's start at the beginning. Well, maybe not that far back. Two years ago, a friend of mine (yes, I do have them) gave me a bracelet. One she had made herself. I thanked her of course, but deep in the recesses of my teeny brain, I really thought "I can do that!". And so I did. My first necklaces ended up as cat toys, not on purpose mind you, but because all the beads fell off every time I tried to put one on. I still think there are green glass beads lurking under my one sofa.

Eventually I got the hang of it, and nothing could stop me. No, not even my husband! He had to comment on all sorts of wearable pieces (at that point they weren't quite jewelry yet) and eventually of course, while I do value his opinion on how to water tomatoes, I quit asking him mainly due to his being color blind and a candidate for the fashion police. Can we say plaid shirts every day????

Now, I am off and running with my own website. Which of course, should have been finished years ago, as I am also a web designer. Hah! Weren't expecting that one were you? And that's still not even my main source of income, which is the manager of a restaurant in Storm Lake, Iowa called BozWellz. My sister owns it (you'll see her mentioned here and there throughout the site) and she allows me to work for her. Hey, it pays for cat food.

Which I should also mention I have 6 cats. First - no, I am not some old lady who only has cats for friends..somedays even the cats aren't my friends! We just seem to keep "finding" cats. I think the technical term is people keep "dumping" them at our farm house. But we love them dearly.

Now, onto the serious stuff. Money.

Currently I only accept Paypal. Sorry, don't have my credit card stuff hooked up yet! If you don't have paypal, sign up for it! Or wait a few months until I figure out the mastercard stuff in amongst building websites, herding cats and making jewelry. I'll get there as soon as I can!

And even MORE serious than money. Mai Tais.

My infamous Mai Tai recipe is right here, free of charge. More than one will make your legs wobble and the ends of your hair will hurt in the morning. Just a fair warning.

1 shot rum
1 shot amber rum
1/2 shot triple sec
1/2 shot Southern Comfort

Pour in a BIG glass over ice. Fill with half orange juice, half pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine. Enjoy!