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Have a blast and have a look-see, there's bound to be something you just can't live without!

 - Carrie


Carrie Spencer

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The Latest and Greatest!

Ok, I hate to brag (well, actually I am rather good at it) but here's a few bits and pieces that I've churned out and whipped up from my studio. (In this case, studio means TV tray by the sofa)

Take a peek through the categories above, these newbies are in there too! Click each of the photos to see a more detailed version of each photo. I'll apologise for my ghastly scanning skills in advance!


Absolutely perfect necklace for a grad in your life or just someone who's reaching for the stars. Mainly because, you know, that's what the silver star charm says. Reach for the Stars. You don't think I come up with all this material by myself do you? Snort.
Peacock pearls that glow brown/green/bue with little silver spacers and a charm.

Reach for the Stars Necklace $22.00

Orange again? =) I just can't smile enough when wearing orange. Unfortunately someone else will have to buy these earrings, because if I wore them, the only way I'd be able to see the orange darlings would be in a mirror. And the boss gets mad when I keep running to the bathroom to look. Yikes.

Orange Catseye Earrings $8.00

What's black and white and . . . um, black and white? Yup, you got it! This big bold necklace. Accented with tiny touches of silver, and a hammered silver toggle clasp for a liiiittle bit more sparkle. This one's big enough to stand out on it's own, but I bet it looks even better on YOU!

About 18 " long.
Big Black and White Necklace $16.00

Oh yeah, these are sooo sparkly your SO (significant other) is going to have to wear sunshades. Of course no one will be looking at him anyways when you're wearing these! Brass earwires, green swarovskis and some of the prettiest, flashiest green glass I've ever seen.

Brass Green Earrings $10.00

Awesome shades of green and yellow set of this triangular bangle. Triangular gets you a lot of points in scrabble. =) Shown here with dark green swarovskis on a silver bangle, this one is a head turner. Almost as much as if you come up with the word "rectangulicious". It's a real word. I swear.

Green Yellow Agate Bangle $15.00

Not only do I love the color orange, I love wearing Hawaiian shirts. It's amazing they let me out in public isn't it? But this necklace goes with almost any shirt -ever! Bright colors, and sooo pretty! Silver bale. Email me if you need a chain! ($3 extra - more for sterling)
Hawaiian Flower Pendant $5.00